May seems to be one of the most hectic times of the year. If you have kids there are recitals (my wife Joy just finished them with her piano students), band concerts, exams, and much more. If you lead a ministry this is also a busy time of year. If you are single and fancy-free you are busy planning your summer. Lots of busyness all the way around. That’s why our second invitation is so inviting.

Maybe we need to hear the call for more stillness of soul. This is what solitude and silence are about. If you and I can’t be still we can’t hear. If we live as distracted souls then we will live within a very narrow frequency band for relational intimacy with God and everyone else. If we decide for distraction we feed our addiction and we will never know our truest self. We can only live into our true self, our real self by slowing. Otherwise God will remain remote and distant our entire lives.

The reason stillness is so difficult for our souls is not that we are not capable of listening. It is because we are addicted to our restlessness. Solitude and silence is that place in which we say to God, “Here is some space in my life and the only thing I am here to do is to listen to You. Nothing else.” Solitude and silence are the great addiction busters. They liberate the soul to be in a place to hear.

Have you ever been in a place deep in your soul were God stripped you of all your scurrying. If so you know in that deep stillness you could hear God’s voice. It was a simple clear voice that said simply, “I love you. Follow me.”

Do you need to recommit yourself to stillness so as to avoid compulsive busyness? What can you do this week to slow your life and listen to God’s Spirit?