“It’s time to wind the clocks,” he said as he walked to the grandfather clock that he had built so many years ago. “That’s what I do on Sundays.”

As I watched him proceed to complete this process that he does weekly, I knew that beautiful tones of the chimes would sound on the hour as I have heard it many times through the years.

It made me wonder if in our journey of Christian spiritual formation, Christ says at regular rhythmic intervals, “It’s time to reset the pilgrims on their journeys according to my time. As they live each day, sometimes they get distracted with all the different ways that can fill their hours of life. They get so busy trying to get to places “on time” that they miss the time of their lives by trusting in real time which is ‘MY TIME’.”

The great thing about clocks is that the increments of “telling time” come in seconds, minutes, and hours. They are each important in their purpose of making sure the world runs “on time.” If tiny little moments named seconds are important in the process of recording time then it’s okay for me to take very small steps in the process of spiritual formation and know that it is making a difference in my journey of moving toward reflecting my true self as the likeness of Christ.

Every second, minute, and hour that I live is important to fulfill the time that God is allowing me to live upon this earth. To be aware that I am living moment by moment in His Time is more about being aware of His presence in that particular moment and even in this moment that I am writing.

To sit still and listen to the actual “tick-tock” of the clock is a way of being aware of the moment right now being lived. It also reminds me that I am with Him and He is with me In His Time.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

 “There is a time for everything……..”