Dear Friends of CrossPoint,

Greetings to each of you. We are grateful for you and so thankful, that along the way God has brought you into our lives. God, in his faithfulness, has over these years blessed and used CrossPoint in amazing ways as we sought to provide care for the souls of Christian leaders, and equipped others to do the same. CrossPoint’s work is more extensive than ever before and we are thankful for the opportunity to provide such a Christ centered and relationally focused ministry.

As I approach my 70th birthday this coming August I am very pleased to announce that the Board of CrossPoint has appointed Rev. Clif Roth as the new Executive Director of CrossPoint Ministry. Clif will be assuming the Executive Director responsibilities of CrossPoint on July 1, 2019. All of us at CrossPoint are excited about Clif’s taking the helm of the ministry. We have known Clif and his wife Sally for many years as they have shared directly in the leadership of the ministry.

Clif comes from a pastor’s family, is a graduate of Southern Seminary in Louisville, has been an active lay member and a pastoral staff member at Sojourn Church in Louisville, KY. Clif’s responsibilities have been numerous at the church, but recently he has led the church’s extensive community group ministry. Clif is recognized in the church as one of the key pastoral care givers to the church lay leadership and to others in their community of faith. Clif is also certified as a Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional and his wife Sally has been trained in the same program. Along with their ministry at Sojourn they have served as life coaches in the area of their expertise. We are thankful that Clif and Sally bring a strong Christ-centered, biblically based, psychologically informed, and relationally focused approach to ministry. These are the essential categories that define the work and ministry of CrossPoint. We are especially thankful for Clif’s ministry focus in human sexuality, in light of the current challenges facing the church of Christ and the culture at large.

As I step away from the Executive Director role and responsibilities I am mindful that these past 24 years have proven to be a wonderful journey of God’s grace, faithfulness and provision. I am thankful for so many, especially my wife Sallie who has been a faithful encourager and participant in CrossPoint’s work, as we traveled the country. Sallie’s presence in my life has enriched my entire journey of faith in ministry. I am as well, thankful for my co-worker and colleague, Jim Cofield and his wife Joy. Both of whose labors have supported and strengthened CrossPoint in numerous ways. It is also appropriate for me to acknowledge Marilyn Moore, our long-time administrator, whose labor behind the scenes has advanced CrossPoint’s work immeasurably. She is a true friend and prayer warrior.  A thank you is in order as well for Sally Roth, who in recent years has proven to be a reliable and indispensable assistant in administering our retreats and Enneagram profiles.

As you well know, all transitions bring challenges. Sallie and I, along with Jim and Joy, will continue to participate significantly in the ministry and we look forward to our continued relationships with many of you along our journey of faith. We are thankful for the opportunity to continue to serve at CrossPoint and to work with and under Clif’s leadership. I look forward to having additional space and time with family, and for reading and writing.

One of the unique challenges for most ministries in a time of transition is financial. CrossPoint is no exception in this regard. I will be writing to you all again in the near future, to ask for your financial assistance to support CrossPoint so that Clif and Sally can have a strong start to their ministry. Many of you have been faithful to CrossPoint and we thank you for your generosity and prayers.

I make this announcement of  Clif’s and Sally’s leadership of CrossPoint with a glad heart. I invite each of you to join me in prayer for CrossPoint, for Clif and Sally, and their three girls, Violet, Caroline, and Laurel as they begin a new adventure in ministry.

Faithfully yours,

Richard E. Plass

Executive Director

CrossPoint Ministry