Along the way in our journey, God in his grace, provides a
variety of gifts. One of the most valued gifts God gives is that
of the presence of a grace filled person. CrossPoint Ministry
began its ministry in 1996 following my 25 years of pastoral
ministry. As our ministry grew, we were in need of an
administrator to help us with the myriad of details that a busy
and growing ministry must navigate. God in his grace,
provided Marilyn Moore, who for more than a decade has
served CrossPoint as our Executive Administrator. Recently,
Marilyn announced that she will be retiring from CrossPoint
Ministry effective July 31.

It is almost impossible to describe the significance Marilyn’s
leadership has played in the growth and effectiveness of
CrossPoint’s ministry. Marilyn’s thoroughness and attention to
detail across the spectrum of CrossPoint’s non-for-profit
administrative obligations and responsibilities, ensured an
organization of competence and integrity at the highest level.
All of us at CrossPoint are indebted to Marilyn for her
diligence and hard work.

Marilyn in particular, is the single individual who so
competently managed all our travel as we ministered in
various parts of the country. The scheduling of airline tickets,
hotels, car rentals etc. all done amidst shifting schedules and
varied places that would at times seem like managing a
moving jigsaw puzzle. She was responsible as well for much
of the coordination of schedules with various churches and
organizations that we served. Marilyn also managed the full
spectrum of CrossPoint’s financial accounting responsibilities
which she did to the penny! She managed as well with our

CPA all tax filings and legal documentation with the state
government along with compliance with federal IRS
regulations. Marilyn, true to who she is did all of this and
much more with patience, persistence and grace. Thank you
Marilyn for your steadfast attention to details to numerous to

The great joy and privilege for me in working closely with
Marilyn was truly the gift of her presence. Marilyn’s presence
was; always directed to the specific issue at hand, calm, “a
can do” attitude, and a persistent awareness that we at
CrossPoint were on mission for Christ. Marilyn through her
presence was a continual reminder of what we were about at
CrossPoint. Marilyn was without doubt CrossPoint Ministries
most persistent prayer warrior! She prayed for those of us
who were leading retreats, coaching, counseling, for our
travel, for our families and for those we were serving in our
ministry endeavors. Marilyn bathed the work of CrossPoint in
prayer, and for that there are no words to describe the
significance and impact of her work and presence. If you have
experienced and are experiencing some measure of insight,
growth and or healing through the ministry of CrossPoint
thank God for Marilyn Moore because she has been praying
for you. We are all indebted to Marilyn for her life of prayer
and communion with our Lord.

A word of thank you is in order as well to Marilyn’s husband,
Merrill. Merrill over the years endured many untimely phone
calls and interruptions to their family schedule for the sake of
the ministry. We are grateful to you Merrill for your life of faith
in Christ, your heart felt support of CrossPoint and your
generosity in sharing so much of Marilyn with us. Thank you

Marilyn, you as a child of God and in light of the fabric of your
personal story are one of most delightful and refreshing
persons I have know in all my years of ministry that began in
1971. Thank you for being you. All of us at CrossPoint have
been the beneficiaries of your love and faithfulness to the
Lord. Sallie and I, along with our entire team at CrossPoint,
wish you God’s richest blessings as you bid farewell to your
administrative labors at CrossPoint. Your presence has
enriched us all. As you leave your responsibilities at
CrossPoint may you do so clearly hearing God’s voice saying,
“Well done my good and faithful servant!” May the years
ahead for you be a season of good health, peace, and great
joy! Thank you and we love you!