“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard but must be felt with the heart.” –Helen Keller

I’ve always been curious about Helen Keller and how she became such a well-known personality.  How could she know the best and most beautiful things in this world?  What does this mean for us as Christian leaders?  Helen Keller couldn’t see or hear, yet she learned many truths, felt deeply in her heart, and eventually wrote her story to become an influential example in the world.

We can speak beautiful Christian language, spout out deep theological concepts, and acknowledge the glory and grace of God, yet do we really feel it in our heart?  What makes us great leaders?  The most important indicator of feeling the glory of God in our hearts is in our relationship with God and others.  Where have you heard these words before?

The Relational Soul states;

“We were born with a relentless longing to participate in the lives of  others.  Fundamentally, we are relational souls… Through spiritual disciplines and a conscious participation in the love of the Father, Son and Spirit, we transform our self-awareness and our connection with other people.  When the presence of Christ and community connects with a soul that is open, we witness the miracle of transformation.

What is required to be an effective Christian leader so that people know what is felt in the leader’s heart?  How can we reveal the transformation of our soul?  It’s not about our spiritual jargon, public prayers, or biblical quotes.  People experience our transformation in Christ by the relationship we have with them.  A good leader shows up consistently, builds trust, respects and sets personal boundaries, practices authenticity and offers their presence.

There are some practical traits you can notice in the life of a leader who is growing and transforming into the image of Christ.

Transformed leader traits;  love your family well, stand by your word, be consistent, share your heart, ask for accountability partners, establish and share clear boundaries, don’t think that you can be everything for everyone, ask for suggestions, consider constructive criticism, willingness to learn, work on being self-aware, have a servant heart, express empathy,  show basic polite behaviors like a smile, handshake or hug, and eye contact.  PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY.  The mere presence of the phone is a distraction.

Effective leaders draw people into relationship with God and themselves easily.  Effective leaders allow others to feel their heart, like Helen Keller said.  Are you an effective leader?

Matthew 20:26

“Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must become your servant.”