Dear Friends of CrossPoint,

I am reaching out today to offer a quick update on how CrossPoint is weathering the COVID-19 storm and ask you to consider how you can support our team as we work to sustain our ministry and implement creative strategies for impact and viability during this time and into the future.  Fully recognizing that you and your family are not immune to this crisis, we are humbly and vulnerably sharing our needs with you.

You may have seen our updates in March announcing the cancellation of some very significant and profitable events that we had scheduled this quarter. We’ve spent the last two weeks taking a close look at the ministry’s operations and staffing budget in order to fully understand the impact of COVID-19 on CrossPoint.  We cannot travel or gather people for trainings and retreats, and thus we have lost a significant amount of income.  We have spent time cutting our budget, have eliminated as many expenses as possible, and we are willing to make the difficult decision to cut salaries on April 27th.

However, this has not stopped us from accomplishing the mission of Crosspoint.  We have moved as many of our events as possible online and continue to do as much individual and marriage coaching as possible via video conference.  We are also offering creative, new opportunities to engage people outside of our normal sphere.

  • Jim and Clif are currently leading a group of 13 participants in an online Enneagram Intensive that will last 10 weeks.
  • Steve Watkins facilitated a webinar entitled Navigating Personal Finances Amidst COVID-19, recognizing that many Christian leaders are experiencing significant financial impact of the crisis we are enduring.
  •  Sally and Clif are partnering with Darrin and Amie Patrick to offer four, online “meet-ups” called Enneagram Conversations in an effort to keep as many people as possible engaged with CrossPoint.  This event has proven successful thus far.
  •  We have successfully transitioned our Soul Care Institute to an online platform and have had an incredible time of collaboration and training this week.
  • We are planning to implement a leadership cohort led by Rich and Jim, that are focused on Essentials for Healthy Leadership in Crisis.
  • As well we would also hope to start two new groups uniquely designed to meet the needs of Essential Workers & Moms in this time of uncertainty and stress.

We believe we are uniquely positioned to care for and advocate for the health of Christian leaders during this difficult and unprecedented time.  We are excited about these and other unique opportunities allowing us to use the gifts and resources that God has given us.

Our bare bones need in Q2 is $35,000.  Because of programming cuts, we need to raise that from you, our generous friends and partners.  We need your help.  Our email list includes over 5,000 people.  If 1750 people can give $20 that will meet our need.  Would you consider giving a gift to CrossPoint to help us get over this barrier?   We need one-time gifts and we also need some new monthly supporters.  You can give online HERE.  Or you can mail us a check at PO Box 4161, Louisville, KY 40204.

 Please continue to pray for the CrossPoint team.  And please reach out to offer your words of encouragement, creative ideas, and solutions for how we can continue to care for the souls of leaders.

On behalf of the CrossPoint Team,

Clifton Roth 
Executive Director
CrossPoint Ministry
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