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15 06, 2021


By |2021-06-08T13:14:13-04:00June 15th, 2021|Beauty, Creation, Desire|3 Comments

I (Jim) love to travel to beautiful places. From Maine to southern California the glory of creation touches me deeply and sometimes it takes my breath away. Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs is one of those places. The rock formations and colors shout without words. From a Christian perspective, creation is a grand self-disclosure of God. So full of glorious creativity is the Triune God that we could rightfully proclaim that all of nature is the "Garden of God." But creation is not God's most profound and beautiful self-disclosure. God's most overwhelming act of self-disclosure is seen

8 06, 2021

Relational God … Relational Beings

By |2021-06-01T14:35:38-04:00June 8th, 2021|Relational Design, The Relational Soul, Trinity|0 Comments

Taken from The Relational Soul - We are relational beings because we are created in the image of a relational God. By definition, the Christian God exists in relationship as Father, Son, and Spirit. While existing as three distinct Persons they share one divine essence that is described as love (1 John 4:8). God can be love only if God exists as community. The pure love they have for each other is unconditionally giving in its character. The Father gives Himself for the Son and the Son gives Himself for the Father. The gift of themselves for the other is personified

2 06, 2021

The River of ‘Me’…a post by Jim

By |2021-06-01T13:50:19-04:00June 2nd, 2021|Clarity, Enneagram, family systems, Personality, Relational Design|0 Comments

Rivers are amazing. They can snake their way through a mountainous terrain or flow straight through level land. They can be deep and fast flowing or shallow and slow. Each seems to have its own personality. Rivers provide a great metaphor (if that is the correct figure of speech) for our souls. We each have a personality that displays itself in various ways depending on the surrounding terrain. I think of it this way. The river of me has two main contributing streams. There is the stream of my DNA, my wiring displayed in my personality. The second

26 05, 2021

By Your Light We See Light…a post by Rich

By |2021-05-25T11:52:12-04:00May 26th, 2021|Beauty, Character, Clarity, Discernment, Fruit of the Spirit, Gal 5, Grace, Holy Spirit, Kingdom of God, Morality, Presence, Psalm 36:9, Vision|2 Comments

Aquinas the great theologian of the of the 13the century relied upon Psalm 36:9 to guide him in his great theological endeavors. “For with You is the fountain of life: in Your light do we see light.” C.S. Lewis was a follower of Christ because he held that Jesus enabled him to see what was most real and true. God’s light enables us to see. My recent times of mediation have me reflecting on the significance of the fruits of the Spirit. Paul encourages believers to walk by the Spirit (Gal. 5:16). Walking by the Spirit arms us to

18 05, 2021

Christian Discernment: Seeing What is Really Real

By |2021-05-17T12:20:04-04:00May 18th, 2021|Discernment|3 Comments

Christian discernment depends on a clear grasp of reality. Without this our perspective on life is, to some degree, distorted. A distorted vision makes discernment difficult. The options available to us from which we can choose will be skewed. This is why Christian discernment makes such a big deal of seeing what is 'really real' as best we can. How does one become sensitized to see reality well? Spiritual formation is the answer. Before moving to the positive, Christian spiritual formation makes it clear that at least 9 'passions' (as Evagrius called them) manipulate human perception and distort reality.

3 05, 2021

Be Still And Know That I Am God…a post by Joy

By |2021-05-03T15:00:43-04:00May 3rd, 2021|Clarity, Discernment, Emotions, Fear, Listening, Prayer, Solitude and Silence, Spiritual Disciplines, Stillness, Trust and Faith|1 Comment

“Being Still” can be one of the most challenging things we do in the journey of Christian spiritual formation. In our culture, there are so many distractions. Some of them are good distractions, such as our jobs and tending to our families and friends. Others are distractions of guilt, shame, or fear that keep us from even considering “being still” much less actually “doing” it. Scripture doesn’t say to us, “Be still and be perfect” or “Be still and God will love you forever,” or “ Be still and God will protect you.” Psalm 46:10 says, “BE STILL and KNOW

20 04, 2021

The Life You Got!

By |2021-04-20T10:59:22-04:00April 20th, 2021|Responsibility|4 Comments

“The chance you had is the life you got. . . . You mustn’t want to be somebody else.” So writes novelist Wendell Berry in his bestseller Hannah Coulter. Some time ago an acquaintance said he was tired of living “beside himself” and was longing to live "within himself." He spoke for a while about the pain that led him to live avoiding his own life in an effort to manage what was an unbearable childhood with an abusive mother. His chronic irritability, withdrawal, and outbursts of anger frustrated his wife and left his teenage children avoiding him at

13 04, 2021

Invitation to Trust…a post by Rich

By |2021-04-13T10:05:37-04:00April 13th, 2021|Clarity, Emotions, Faith, Fear, Future, Humility, John 14:1, Listening, Living in the now, Prayer, Questions, Quotes, Trust|3 Comments

Brennan Manning in his book "Ruthless Trust" tells the following story. "When the brilliant ethicist John Kavanaugh went to work for three months at “the house of the dying” in Calcutta, he was seeking a clear answer as to how best to spend the rest of his life. On the first morning there he met Mother Teresa. She asked, “And what can I do for you?” Kavanaugh asked her to pray for him. “What do you want me to pray for?” she asked. He voiced the request that he had borne thousands of miles from the United States: “Pray

4 04, 2021

Unconditional But NOT Uninterested

By |2021-03-30T13:41:25-04:00April 4th, 2021|Easter|0 Comments

Easter is before us--the most compelling three days of human history. Here we see God's honor inseperable from God's goodness, God's justice being fulfilled in God's mercy, God's righteousness that condemns being the love that restores by surmounting even the obstacle of human disobedience. Easter is God's resolution to God's twin decrees that humanity will share in divine life (2 Peter 1:4) and that death must fall on transgressors of God's holy law (Romans 6:23). It would be monstrous were God's decree that sin shall merit death prove to be false. Justice must prevail for God to be God.

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