30 03, 2018

Two fish sticks and a Sprite…a post by Joy

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Two Fish Sticks and a green bottle of Sprite is what I ate and drank on Fridays for lunch in the the 7th grade during Lent Season. Although, we were having fish because there were lots of people giving up meat for the season, the fish sticks and Sprite were a treat for me. This was my first realization of the Lent season and even then I did not really know what it meant. I’m sure there must have been other food served with this delicacy such as French fries and slaw and maybe even a bread roll. Yet,

6 04, 2012

Our Suffering God

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As I begin to write this post on Good Friday afternoon the clock struck 3:00 . “It is finished” echoes in the air. No need to break Jesus’ legs. His last breath in which he committed himself to his Father is gone. What is left on the cross is a bleeding, leaking corpse. Those who loved him are sad. And some of them are mad–mad with Jesus and mad with themselves. He dramatically over-promised and drastically under-delivered. His claim of being one with his heavenly Father was bogus. Their Father would never allow himself to be humiliated and crucified by

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