13 02, 2018

Prayer…a post by Rich

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Prayer is at the heart of who we are as children of God. We are especially designed to be people of prayer. Over the past several months I have been reading through P.T. Forsyth’s “The Soul of Prayer.” At times it is hard to track with Forsyth but there are so many remarkable gems about prayer in this book it is well worth time to read and reflect. The following is an example of his writing. "Prayer is a greater school and discipline of divine love than the service of man is. But not if it is cut off

23 08, 2016

Perfectly imperfekt…a post by Tom

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Why can’t anything or anyone be perfect? Why can’t this thing go the way it is supposed to? The long answer involves all the flaws, shortcomings, mistakes, sins, errors, and imperfections in every given person and situation. The short answer is because that every person or thing is not God. Seems like God put Himself in a bind by creating anything because anything created would always fall short of the Creator. After all only God is good. Even without sin entering the picture everything still falls short of the full glory of God! It is refreshing to know that

27 05, 2014

Invitation #3 – Less Presumption/More Humility

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Presumption is a slippery thing. We have a legal system built on presumed innocence until proven guilty. I’m glad to live in a country that has that presumption. But when it comes to relational situations presumption is generally considered a negative thing. We can easily feel disrespected and diminished if another presumes to know us and what we are living. Relational presumption gives the vibe of superiority and superficiality. And as Doctor Phil asks, “How is that working for you?”

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