30 08, 2016

Imagination and Our Spiritual Journey…a post by Rich

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Have we lost our capacity for imagination as Christians?  Have we assigned imagination to child’s play but now of course we are adults so we set aside childish ways?  Imagination is about pretend, we all know that.  We use our imagination for fantasy. Imagination takes us into the world of the improbable and the impossible.  Adult life has to face what is real and not engage in some imaginary goose chase.  So this is how many have come to think about imagination.  Could there be more to imagination than what we imagine? Imagination is a faculty or capacity of the mind. We all use our  imagination.

11 07, 2012

When the Word is More than Words

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My son entered the covenant of marriage last month. Justin is my oldest and first of my two children to get married. I shed a couple tears when Kristina asked me a year ago to officiate their ceremony. During the ceremony there were more than a couple tears! They started when I walked my wife, Joy, down the flowered lawn in the idyllic setting of The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe (near San Diego). They continued as my son came to the front with his best man and groomsmen. When our daughter came down the aisle I really lost