14 09, 2016

Sitting Still With Christ…a post by Joy

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As we consider the ways of Christian spiritual formation, there is always one particular facet of the journey that mesmerizes and challenges me the most. The one of “sitting still” before God with the expectation and intention of knowing God. Psalm 46:10 tells us to “Be still and know that I AM God. “ It seems that many Christians are interested in being “busy about the business of God”. Even family life is busy about the “business of family” instead of intentionally taking time to “be still” and know the family member. Stillness can refer to literally being still

17 07, 2014

A Grounding Experience: Spiritual Life Coaching (Part 2)

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Have you ever wondered what God is “up to” in your life? Have you been discouraged thinking that you were alone in making decisions? Have you felt as though you were disjointed or scattered in your process of discerning what direction to take in your life’s journey? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then I (Joy) encourage you to consider participating in the spiritual discipline of “spiritual direction” (also known as “spiritual life coaching” or “spiritual mentoring”).

15 07, 2014

Seeing God in the Ordinary: Spiritual Life Coaching (Part 1)

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Spending time with my (Joy) maternal grandfather on his farm as a nine year old girl has had a lasting impact on my life. On one two week visit he taught me some things about life for which I will be forever grateful. Feeding the cattle, taking a trip to the stockyards, and visiting the quaint little white post office are some of the things we did together. My grandmother was a clerk behind the black iron bars at the window and was delighted that we came to see her while picking up the mail.

20 10, 2010

Square One Spirituality

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They were in my office again. Quickly it became the classic case of he said/she said. But now the anger and pain was far more intense than any time before in our spiritual direction sessions over the past nine months. We were all sad. Here they were, a couple serving in full-time Christian ministry with young children facing what felt like the end of their marriage. How did things get so dark? How could we find a way into God’s presence for some measure of peace? For some reason, in the middle of our time together, I remembered my

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