29 07, 2019

Grateful Hearts… a post by Rich

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Along the way in our journey, God in his grace, provides a variety of gifts. One of the most valued gifts God gives is that of the presence of a grace filled person. CrossPoint Ministry began its ministry in 1996 following my 25 years of pastoral ministry. As our ministry grew, we were in need of an administrator to help us with the myriad of details that a busy and growing ministry must navigate. God in his grace, provided Marilyn Moore, who for more than a decade has served CrossPoint as our Executive Administrator. Recently, Marilyn announced that she

8 05, 2014

Imagination – Memory, Feeling and Interpretation (Part 4)

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God created our brain in such a way that it captures images. Our memory gives us access to images from the past. Every image we remember is marinated in feelings. So if I (Rich) ask you to tell me about your favorite vacation you will give me an explanation of your images. The explanation of your images is your interpretation of the re-presentation of what you lived on vacation. The interpretation is guided by the feelings affixed to the memory of your vacation. Now this interpretation reality is very, very important.

13 03, 2014

A Soul for All Seasons

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Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons captures the life and death of Sir Thomas More in a compelling way. As the story proceeds we are introduced to Richard Rich, a promising and ambitious young man. Rich asks Thomas More for a position among the privileged at the court of Henry VIII. Thomas says he cannot do that. But he can offer Rich the position of a simple teacher.The upwardly driven man is crestfallen. Thomas tries to cheer him up: “You’d be a good teacher.” Rich fires back, “And if I were, who would know it?” Patiently Thomas explains, “Yourself, your

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