27 11, 2019

Gratitude Series: A Place of Belonging… a post by Joy Cofield

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Thanksgiving has always been a very special week of blessing for me. For as long as I can remember, it was a time of gatherings for our immediate family, i.e. my parents, 3 brothers and me and our extended family which included our grandparents and friends. After Jim and I married, our celebrations of the season expanded to his family as well. Delicious food, fun games, and engaging conversation with rippling sounds of laughter (and sometimes tears) were all ways of celebrating that we  were all together again!  We all looked forward to it with great anticipation....and we still

25 11, 2019

Gratitude Series: Practicing Thanksgiving… by Sallie Plass

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I once heard Rich say to me about a difficult relationship, “What can you show gratitude for?”  ‘I don’t have any gratitude for them’ I responded!  Rich didn’t like that answer. Not every relationship or situation in our lives leaves us being grateful.  Nevertheless, the Apostle Paul encourages us to be thankful in all things.  How in the world is that possible?  Simply put, I may not be thankful for some people or circumstances, but I can be thankful that God is present in me, with me and for me! Gratitude becomes a passageway for the very heart of

23 11, 2019

A Gratitude Series: Thanksgiving Candy Corn…. by Steve Watkins

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At Crosspoint, we highly value the pratice of gratitude!  We hope you will enjoy the thoughts and stories that are on our hearts about gratitude, as we share them over the next week. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories as a young adult is gathering for dinner at my in-law’s house.  One of the traditions we could always count on was Glenda’s dad, Joe, planning a good reminder for everyone to be grateful. Joe had one “go-to” tradition that he seemed to use more than any other.  He would gather these little saucers that were just perfect for

20 11, 2019

A Holiday Series: Living Toward Transcendence …. a post by Sally Roth

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The holiday season invites us to transcendence.  The definition of transcendent is “beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experience; surpassing the ordinary; exceptional”. I think most of us desire to experience something deep down inside when we gather around the Thanksgiving table.  Some spark of gratitude that reminds us we are made for something more than the rat race we can often find ourselves in.  Some affirmation from another human that we are loved or noticed.  I mean, who doesn’t want to sit in front of the beautifully decorated Christmas tree in cozy pajamas

14 11, 2019

A Holiday Series: Preparation with a Heart of Gratitude… by Joy Cofield

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With the upcoming seasons of Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas, preparing for these holidays can be exciting, stressful, sad, or happy occasions. Many times, it’s not “either/or” for any of these expressions of emotions. It can be  “both/and” or all of them at different points of the preparations.             No matter what I may be feeling, I find that it is important for me to prepare my own heart with gratitude while getting ready for these days of celebration. The  rhythm of preparation is just as important as the the actual day of celebration.  Being grateful for the blessings of

6 11, 2019

A Holiday Series: Holiday Memories…. by Sallie Plass

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We all have different Thanksgiving memories.  For me, it means lots of food.  We would have the Macy’s day parade on the T.V., while preparing the huge meal to come later in the day.  There are certain holiday foods that are my family traditions, one of them being lots of olives!  You might say, “Ew!  Olives!  But for us, it was fun to sneak them from the table while preparations were being made.   We still laugh over how many olives we could manage to eat. Speaking of the table, we had a big family with relatives, but we always

28 10, 2019

Servant Leadership is Challenging but Essential… by Steve Watkins

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First of all, let me say that I am thrilled that I get to share my thoughts on leadership.  This has been my passion for many years, as I led teams at UPS in the United States and abroad.  I’ve read many books and papers and attended many training events and seminars, all on the topic of leadership.  One thing that I believe many have neglected over the years is how difficult leadership can be.  It’s not that hard to be designated as the leader – sometimes common grace can put us in a position of leadership.  But actually

24 10, 2019

A Leader’s Heart… by Sallie Plass

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"The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard but must be felt with the heart." –Helen Keller I’ve always been curious about Helen Keller and how she became such a well-known personality.  How could she know the best and most beautiful things in this world?  What does this mean for us as Christian leaders?  Helen Keller couldn’t see or hear, yet she learned many truths, felt deeply in her heart, and eventually wrote her story to become an influential example in the world. We can speak beautiful Christian language, spout out deep

3 10, 2019

By Thy Light We See… The Leaders’ Journey… a post by Jim Cofield

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CrossPoint’s mission is to care for the soul of Christian leaders. All of our efforts focus on nurturing the souls of leaders and training others to do the same. To that end the blog posts this month will give insight as to how we cultivate soul care for leaders. I have the privilege of introducing (or reminding) you of ‘The Leader’s Journey’.  It is a 12 retreat experience where we go to a church staff (or the staff from multiple churches in a city) once each quarter for three years. During the day-long retreat held either on-site at the

20 09, 2019

A Story of Humble-Living & Freedom… by Rodney Vaughan

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We decided to take the month of September and focus in a bit on what we believe is one of the main issues of our day, particularly as the church of Christ, and that is, Sexual Health.  We commend Rodney Vaughan’s story to both encourage you and exhort you to examine the culture of your church and your community around matters of sexual sin. The back story… Rodney and Rebecca asked Clif to do their premarital counseling and officiate their wedding ceremony.  As I remember it, they were in a bit of a hurry to get things tied up,

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