Personal Coaching – Living More Fully into Your Life in Christ

Our coaching includes spiritual direction, personality assessment, crisis intervention for couples and family systems work. Our approach, as we say in The Relational Soul, is relational at its core. We believe our relationships (with God, others and even ourselves) have shaped our souls for better or for worse. The quality of life depends on the quality of our relationships. This is why our coaching focuses on nurturing your relational capacity for connection with God and others. Rich, Sallie, Jim and Joy offer one-on-one soul care at our offices in southern Indiana or by phone and Skype. Brett and Susan Payne live in the greater Philadelphia area and are available by phone and Skype. Tom Pussel ministers in Cleveland, OH and also coaches via phone and Skype. Click here to learn more about Leader Life Coaching with Rich and Jim. If you are interested in pursuing personal coaching with our CrossPoint staff contact us at

Organizational Coaching – Focusing on Staff Relationship

Organizations develop a particular way of doing relationships. With the help of the enneagram and a systems assessment we explore the strengths and challenges within an organization’s staff relationships. This approach has led to relational clarity along with facilitation of conflict resolution. Rich and Jim offer this assessment process with churches and para-church organizations.

Sabbatical Coaching – Maximizing the Time Away from Ministry

Rich and Jim assist Christian leaders in formulating a sabbatical experience that actually functions as a true sabbatical. We offer regular guidance sessions for the persons involved in a sabbatical as well as coaching a sabbatical guidance team or elders. Our understanding is that a sabbatical involves Rest, Recalibration and Re-Entry. Take a look at our Recommended Sabbatical Policy for churches and organizations and our Sabbatical Guidance Proposal. For more information contact us at