Soul Care Institute

The Soul Care Institute is an experientially focused training in a relational modality of soul care.  Relational challenges as well as internal personal obstacles are examined from a distinctively Christian understanding of the soul.  The developmental trajectory of the soul is considered along with the reality that we are embodied souls. Family of orgin dynamics are reviewed thoroughly alongside an Internal Family Systems model of fostering spiritual and psychological integration.  The Soul Care Institute provides Christian lay leaders, pastors, counselors, and spiritual directors the opportunity to explore and develop more fully the basic categories for providing soul care from a distinctively Christian worldview.  At Crosspoint we believe that effective soul care is dependent upon the quality of the presence of the soul care giver, therefore, attention is given to participants personal growth as well.

See what others have experienced here!  Participants meet three times a year over the course of two years (total of 6 seminars). Each seminar is two and a half days at the Country Lake Retreat Center. The cost of each seminar is $1000 plus a $150 one-time registration fee. The 2019 dates are:  May 20-22, and September 23-25!  The 2020 dates are:  January 6-8, April 20-22, and August 17-19.  

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Enneagram Intensive Training

Currently CrossPoint offers an intensive workshop for those who want to become more familiar with the Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales (WEPSS). The training assumes a relational modality of spiritual transformation from a Christological perspective. If you are responsible for soul care (e.g. pastors, counselors, spiritual director) you will find the training to be very practical and extremely helpful. After reviewing the Triads and nine Types, along with Wings and Arrows, the majority of time focuses on case studies. You will be coached on how to interpret at least 12 actual (anonymous) profiles. This hands-on approach will give you the confidence you need to help others understand their profile.  The next workshop November 8-9, 2019 at Country Lake Retreat Center, Underwood, IN.  Registration for the March 27-28, 2020 Intensive will open after the fall 2019 training. The cost will be $750.  The 2020 fall Intensive is scheduled for October 16-17, 2020.

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The Mother Wound: Why We Need the Nurturing Presence of Christ 

 Would you like to have a safe place to name and or talk about the wound(s) you have experienced in the relationship with your mother or someone who has had a mothering relationship with you?  A Mother Wound of abandonment, emotional distance, neglect, perfectionism are some of the wounds that can occur between a mother and her daughter. This can also happen with a mother-in-law, aunt, grandmother, or even a teacher who did not fulfill the expected nurturing that comes along with that role.

At age 29, I received the call from my father that my mother had passed away in her sleep unexpectedly. This wounded my soul and has opened my eyes and heart to other women who have suffered great losses with their mothers in ways that are different than my own.

In light of this truth, I would like to invite you to the women’s retreat:     “The Mother Wound: Why We Need the Nurturing Presence of Christ.”

I am offering this retreat as a safe place for an experience of tending your wound as we are aware of  the healing presence of Christ and the presence of other women who are there to hear your story if you so choose.

No matter your age, life circumstance or role I invite you to attend on April 13-14, 2019 the next Mother Wound Retreat at Country Lake Retreat Center. The cost is $225 (there is scholarship help available if needed). You will experience the healing and hope that the nurture of Christ brings to our souls.  The Deadline for registration for this retreat is March 21st.  

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Deeper Journey is a two-year, eight-retreat experience held at Country Lake Retreat Center just north of Louisville, KY. It provides a comprehensive spiritual formation experience in light of the unique challenges of life and vocational ministry in the 21st century. The quarterly retreats offer an integrated approach of biblical theology and Christian psychology within a worshiping community. The experience includes worship, teaching, small groups, and personal time. Each retreat highlights at least one spiritual discipline and provides space for the engagement of the discipline.

We promise it will be well worth the investment (take a look at what others have to say about it).

The DJ7 & DJ8 are currently filled to capacity!  If you are interested in joining a Deeper Journey Retreat in the future, please email us at

Deeper Journey – Philadelphia, PA

Brett and Susan Payne are leading a community through the same 8 topics as the DJ in southern Indiana.  Brett has served as a pastor of spiritual formation, soul care and worship for over 20 years. He has a master’s degree in church history from Gordon-Conwell and an M.Div. from Southern Seminary. Presently, Brett works as a Spiritual Life Coach with CrossPoint Ministry. Susan has her master’s degree in Christian counseling from Cairn University. She serves as a spiritual life coach and specializes in grief recovery. Both Susan and Brett have participated in the Deeper Journey experience led by Rich and Jim in southern Indiana.

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