Thank you for your interest in coaching. You’ve probably heard us say that the greatest gift you bring to others is your transformed and transforming presence. Coaching is one of the key ways you can cultivate that kind of presence. We focus on your spiritual life and relational capacity as a leader.

Everything rises or falls on leadership. No ministry or organization or family ‘drifts’ into true spiritual success. It takes leadership. And leadership rises or falls on the quality and character of the leader’s spiritual life. The demands of life and ministry can push you beyond what your soul can absorb in a healthy way. A coaching experience will both anchor and strengthen your soul so you can thrive over the long haul of ministry.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that will help you discern if Leader Life Coaching would be helpful for you at this time.

What is Leader Life Coaching?

  • It is a focused exploration and intentional development of your spiritual life, character and relational capacity over the course of 12 months.
  • It is a relationship that cultivates what is most important to your success as a leader–the well-being of your soul.

Who do you typically coach? We coach leaders who …

  • Find themselves weary of their vocational calling
  • Admit they cannot keep living like they’re living for another 20 years
  • Are considering getting out of ministry because they are burned out
  • Have lost a sense of connection with God
  • Know they are in a vulnerable place with their mate and/or kids
  • Are frustrated with their staff, board and/or congregation
  • Face difficult vocational or personal transitions
  • Find themselves in a good place and want to guard and strengthen their souls for the future
  • Want someone who understands the risks and rewards of ministry available outside the organization to listen and offer perspective.

Why should I do Leader Life Coaching?

  • It will help you identify your relational strengths and challenges and what you can do to maximize your influence as a leader.
  • It will enable you to live more fully into your gifting, more deeply into your key relationships and more completely into your calling as a leader.
  • It will give you a loving, listening ear with someone who has been in ministry for 40 years and can offer a healthy, outside perspective for 12 months.

 What types of issues will you explore with me?

  • Family of Origin
  • Habitual ways of Feeling, Thinking and Behaving
  • Conscious and Unconscious Memory
  • Relational Reactivity and Receptivity
  • Communication and Motivational Patterns
  • Rhythm of spiritual disciplines (e.g. solitude and silence, contemplative reading and prayer, private and corporate worship)
  • Impact of your sins, wounds and vulnerabilities on the way you lead and connect with others
  • Spiritual, emotional, relational development
  • Personal/Work life balance
  • Family life
  • Staff relationships and development
  • Relational focus in preaching and teaching

What will the coaching sessions be like?

  • We will meet via Skype, FaceTime, phone or face to face.
  • In the initial session(s) we will discuss your current experience, what you feel needs to change, what has kept you from your desires and what it will take to make progress.
  • We will regularly review your goals in light of the discoveries we make concerning your personality and history, desires and development, strengths and challenges. In other words, we will coach you toward specific results based on what you’ve lived and what God is calling you to do.
  • You will set your appointment times based on your schedule. You will also have the opportunity to give us a ‘heads up’ before each coaching session (by means of a brief coaching session questionnaire). And you will have our complete attention and focus during each session.

What Will the Coaching Experience Accomplish? We believe it will …

  • Give you greater awareness of your calling and gifting, motivations and challenges, wounds and weaknesses, strategies and successes.
  • Help you respond well to what God is calling you to change about yourself.
  • Provide more clarity of the vision God has for your ministry.
  • Increase your capacity for deeper relationships with God and others.

What are the Commitments made by me the Leader and you the Coach?

The Leader agrees to:

  • Give permission to be coached.
  • Declare that his/her learning is a top priority during this coaching relationship.
  • Approach his/her learning and growth with “the curiosity of a beginner.”
  • Share all relevant information with the Coach.
  • Take responsibility for his/her own learning and growth, and make specific requests when his/her needs are not being met in the coaching relationship.
  • Take responsibility for his/her actions and inactions.
  • Begin the relationship by trusting that the Coach has his/her well-being and growth as their primary concern.

The Coach will:

  • Create a safe listening environment in which the Leader is comfortable discussing the challenges and opportunities they are facing in his/her professional or personal life.
  • Ask questions that will help the Leader see beyond the boundaries of his/her current perspective and expand their capacity for observing themselves and others.
  • Support the Leader’s growth through mastery and maturity in skills, expertise and moral judgments.
  • Act collaboratively to engage in purposeful and bold conversations, holding the focus on the coaching relationship and the Leader’s stated goals.
  • Provide support materials such as assessment and evaluation tools, books, articles, etc., as appropriate.
  • Be alert to when and if the Leader is no longer benefiting from the coaching relationship and recommend a change.


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