profile pictureMaking time to embark on the Leader’s Journey under the direction of CrossPoint was one of the best decisions we have ever made. In terms of staff development, this immersive experience helped us notice and come to terms with some of the main stressors that tend to alienate leaders – from ourselves, from one another and ultimately from GOD. Under the skillful direction of Rich and Jim the staff of Savannah Christian Church grew closer in community, developed an understanding of the dynamics of the human person and crafted a language that fosters communication within our staff culture. The approach is practical, something you can get your arms around. The focus is transformational with plenty of “whys and how tos”. The tools are helpful and accessible. But mostly, it is the presence of these two seasoned soul-formers that make this a powerful and transforming experience. Simply put, I would do whatever it takes to facilitate Leaders Journey for the staff and leadership team of any church, no matter the size or denomination. For the team here in Savannah, it has proven to be well worth the resource investment – time, money and energy!!!  Mike Fraiser, Worship Arts Pastor, Savannah Christian Church

HarveyzoomRich and Jim are a gift to the Church. These men and the content that they deliver were God’s means to save my life and ministry after severe burnout. Drawing upon the riches of God’s common grace and special grace, Leader’s Journey provides what is lacking in much of modern spiritual formation. We are currently taking our entire elder board and staff through the three year experience. Everyone agrees that we are seeing positive impact on our souls. Rich and Jim are more than worth the space you need to carve out of your church’s schedule and the money you need to carve out of your church’s budget. The relational return on investment has been priceless for our church. Your soul will be better off if you take seriously this content.  Harvey Turner, Founding & Preaching Pastor of Living Stones Church / Network Director of Acts 29 West

UnknownWhen I made the transition to become the lead pastor of Harvester Christian Church, I knew that the spiritual health of my new staff would be super important! If the most important thing we bring to the table in ministry is our “transformed and transforming presence,” then we must be diligent and intentional about spiritual growth and development! We cannot take people to a place in Jesus where we have not gone. So, we gave the staff a gift called Leader’s Journey. We regularly and intentionally invested in the lives of the leaders of our church. And it has made a huge difference! I can truly say with confidence that we are a spiritually healthy staff, growing in our love for Jesus, each other and the church. Jim and Rich have been a true blessing from God … in our lives personally and for the ministry! I would recommend Leader’s Journey to anyone who is privileged to lead a ministry for Jesus!  Brian Jobe, Senior Pastor of Harvester Christian Church, St. Charles, MO

image1After nearly 20 years of ministry, while pastoring a large thriving church, I found myself depleted. Some might call it “burn-out.” All I knew was that my creativity was waning, that ministry seemed more like obligation than opportunity and I was physically spent. I knew something had to change or I would not be in ministry mush longer. I thank God that I was able to get in contact with Rich and Jim. Through their assistance I was able to see that my soul was empty and that no amount of ministry success could fill it. As I got back on my feet spiritually, emotionally and physically it was clear to me that nourishing the soul was something in which I and our entire staff needed guidance. We began Leader’s Journey with Rich and Jim. The retreat itself is an opportunity for Sabbath – to breathe! Jim and Rich not only instruct well with high competency but they embody a spirit of communion with God and self- awareness. Their pastoral sensitivity to the invitations of God and the needs of the soul has been refreshing to our team. We are learning the grace of living with God and not only doing for God. We are entering waters that exist in the depths of our souls rather than the shallow places. We are being equipped to thrive in ministry for years to come in hopes of not becoming another pastoral casualty. For me, I can truly say that for the first time in my ministry, I have a vision that the best years of ministry will be those in my 50’s and 60’s. Previously I thought I would peak much earlier and then hold on for dear life. If you are looking for spiritual guidance that will lead you into communion with God so that your soul can thrive through the years then I would recommend Leader’s Journey.  Dr. Nathan Joyce, Senior Pastor of Heartland Worship Center, Paducah, KY