Biblically Basedicon1

Scripture presents a full-orbed understanding of the human condition and God’s provision for life-giving relationships. It gives a window into the human soul and points us to Christ who is our life. It invites us to find our True Self in Him.

Historically Informed

The wisdom of God’s people from the past gives us insight into the nature and challenges of the relational connection. Paying attention to what they learned and lived serves us well. They have much to teach us when it comes to connecting with God and others.

icon3Psychologically Sensitive

Healthy relationships depend on the health of the soul. Healthy relationships respect the differences in each other’s personalities and stories. Healthy relationships honor the stages of the soul’s development.

Relationally Focused

Deep and significant transformation of our capacity for relationships requires the affirming presence of Christ and others. We are created BY and FOR relationships. We cannot not be relational if we want to live a full life.