The leadership of CrossPoint understands the demands of ministry. We have been pastors for a combined total of almost 50 years. We know the pressure leaders face and feel. We know a healthy pastorate requires the successful integration of the ‘functional’ and ‘spiritual’ leadership. The functional aspects of a church are vital in meeting the many needs of those being served. However, the most significant reality you bring to others is your transformed and transforming presence. It is ‘spiritual’ leadership, the quality of one’s character, which ultimately draws people to Christ.

Unfortunately, over time the functional pressures of ministry can overwhelm the leader’s soul to the point that one becomes bored or angry or vulnerable. The Leader’s Journey addresses helps leaders live in a way which sustains their souls. It offers an intentional ‘way of being’ which fosters the ‘spiritual’ side of leadership while facing the demands of their ‘functional’ leadership.

The Leader’s Journey is a three year, twelve retreat experience held on site at a church (we have led or currently lead LJ for churches in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Savannah, Boulder, San Diego, Louisville, Reno, Paducah and Owensboro, KY … read what they have to say about it). Once a quarter the staff takes a day to strengthen their souls in order to meet the demands of ministry and to enjoy communion with God.

The following is a short description of the experience.

Retreat #1 – “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” – Establishes the Nature of our Soul (in Creation) and of our True Self (in Christ). Spiritual Discipline: Solitude & Silence

Retreat #2 – “If God Be For Us …” –  Cultivating a way of knowing God from the heart. Spiritual Discipline: Contemplative Reading

Retreat #3 – “Come to Me All You Who Labor …” – Cultivating a greater sense of intimacy with the triune God. Spiritual Discipline: Contemplative Prayer

Retreat #4 – “There is Another Law at War within Me” – Exposing the subtle (and not so subtle) nature and defenses of the false self. Spiritual Discipline: Self Clarity

Retreat #5 – “To Whom Much is Given” – Exploring the role of personality in Christian spiritual formation. Spiritual Discipline: Examen and Confession

Retreat #6 – “Growing in Wisdom, Knowledge, and Stature with God” – Explaining Stages of Soul and Faith Development. Spiritual Discipline: Attentiveness

Retreat #7 – “It is no longer I, but Christ …” – Exploring the reality and implications of our participatory union with and in Christ. Spiritual Discipline: Gratitude & Rest

Retreat #8 – “Let the Beauty of the Lord …” – Affirming the Role of Desire in Spiritual Formation. Spiritual Discipline: Discernment                                                          

Retreat #9 – “You Are the Body of Christ” – Entering into the nature and necessity of community in Christian spiritual formation. Spiritual Discipline: Spiritual Friendship & Compassion (in light of Family Systems)

Retreat #10 – “Except a Grain of Wheat Die …”  – Living and learning in the Dark Night of the senses and Soul. Spiritual Discipline: Forgiveness & Perseverance

Retreat #11 – “Fruit of the Spirit” – Fostering character and a healthy volition in spiritual formation. Spiritual Discipline: Simplicity & Willingness

 Retreat #12 – “You Are the Light of the World” – Engaging our world with the love of Christ. Spiritual Discipline: Social Justice, Stewardship, Rule of Life

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We cannot take people to a place in Jesus where we have not gone. So, we gave the staff a gift called Leader’s Journey.

Rich and Jim are more than worth the space you need to carve out of your church’s schedule and the money you need to carve out of your church’s budget. The relational return on investment has been priceless for our church.