(A Typical) Sabbatical Guidance Proposal

For: _____      Pastor of _______

By: CrossPoint Ministry (Rich Plass or Jim Cofield)

CrossPoint offers sabbatical guidance with the goal of rest and recalibration of soul. The most important gift a pastor gives to his ministry is his transformed and transforming presence. Sabbatical is a time away from ministry with focused intentionality on the quality of one’s Christ-bearing presence.

CrossPoint will provide spiritual coaching/guidance to _____ during his 3 month sabbatical (dates). While our focus will be on _____ we also want his wife _____ to be involved in the experience. Their guidance will include (but will not necessarily be limited to) the following:

  • Profile and Consultation – This will be the first session because their profiles will indicate both personal and marital issues which need to be addressed in the sabbatical
  • Sessions – CP will talk with ____ at least once before the sabbatical begins, every two to three weeks during the sabbatical, and at least one time after the sabbatical. Each session is typically between 45 and 60 minutes. The sessions will include _____ (wife) as determined by CP.
  • Guidance – CP seeks to unearth and address the compulsions and defenses which get mixed up in one’s calling (our “stuff” contributes to the relational and vocational challenges of ministry!). This is what must be recalibrated so that the pastor returns from sabbatical, not merely rested, but in a different posture of soul. However, the focus of first few weeks of the sabbatical is physical, emotional and spiritual rest. The rested soul is in a better place to hear the Spirit’s invitation of recalibration.
  • Assignments – CP will suggest Scripture passages for meditation as well as possible books to read during the sabbatical. We also encourage the pastor to keep a journal and to write a report on his return of the sabbatical experience to be given to the sabbatical committee.
  • Report – At the end of the sabbatical CP will provide, upon request, an evaluation of the sabbatical along with recommendations as the pastor re-enters his ministry responsibilities.

An affirmation of CP’s role carries with it the commitment to the entire sabbatical time. Recalibration is our goal and it is important for someone to remain in the process.

CrossPoint reserves the right to communicate with the chairman of the church’s sabbatical committee or elder board as to how the sabbatical is proceeding (note: confidential information will not be shared with the chairman without the approval of the pastor and his wife).

We look forward to being a part of your sabbatical experience!