“The Soul Care Institute has been the most valuable source of learning and information in my pastoral ministry. It has helped me gain more confidence in the care and counseling I provide because I am now better equipped to unearth root issues within individuals and help them discover true and lasting change. The cohort based learning at the institute also provided a space for me to be able to discuss difficult care cases and gain wisdom and insight from not only Jim and Rich, but also from some of the brightest pastors, counselors and therapist from around the country. I highly encourage all those in any kind of care profession to attend.”  George Velarde, Pastoral Care at Living Stones Church in Reno, NV


“Blending wdsc_6416isdom and compassion gained from their years in the trenches as pastors and healers, Rich and Jim offer the most unique, welcoming learning experience called the Soul Care Institute.  These master teachers provide the safest of learning environments where it is possible to be revealing emotionally, spiritually, and professionally.  In this freedom, soul care is both taught and lived out between leaders and participants in the classroom, at mealtimes together, and during evening sharing.  At the end of a session full of intensive training both my head and my heart are always full  of new insights immediately applicable to my own ministry.  And, instead of the usual post-conference exhaustion, I find myself strangely renewed.”   Shari D. Stewart, M.Div., Pastoral Counselor


“My wife and I are BIG fans of the Soul Care Institute.  It has really been a massive help to the coaching and counseling that we do with multiple leaders each week.  However, an even bigger ‘win’ for us has been that the SCI helped further heal, empower, and equip our marriage. The interactive teaching process of Rich & Jim, is outstanding.  We heartily recommend this process to all.   David and Caron Loveless, Co-founders of Live True Associates, Orlando, FL



“Being part of the Soul Care Institute has not only given me a better understanding of the development of the soul and how to provide care for it, but perhaps even more importantly itstanley_ami_2016 has been a community that has cared for my soul.  Learning in the context of a community who is processing through things together, challenging each other, and caring for one another has proven to be just what I needed.  I can now take this experience back to my local church and pray God creates the same type of community there.”  Ryan Stanley, Community Life Pastor at Veritas Community Church in Columbus, OH