The Soul Care Institute is an experientially focused training in a relational modality of soul care.  Relational challenges as well as internal personal obstacles are examined from a distinctively Christian understanding of the soul.  The developmental trajectory of the soul is considered along with the reality that we are embodied souls. Family of orgin dynamics are reviewed thoroughly alongside an Internal Family Systems model of fostering spiritual and psychological integration.  The Soul Care Institute provides Christian lay leaders, pastors, counselors, and spiritual directors the opportunity to explore and develop more fully the basic categories for providing soul care from a distinctively Christian worldview.  At Crosspoint we believe that effective soul care is dependent upon the quality of the presence of the soul care giver, therefore, attention is given to participants personal growth as well.

See what others have experienced here!  Participants meet three times a year over the course of two years (total of 6 seminars). Each seminar is two and a half days at the Country Lake Retreat Center. The cost of each seminar is $1000 plus a $150 one-time registration fee. The 2019 dates are:  May 20-22, and September 23-25!  The 2020 dates are:  January 6-8, April 20-22, and August 17-19.  

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Curriculum Outline

Seminar #1 – Life as Relational

Session #1 – Reality is Relational: Biblical/Theological/Psychological

Session #2 – Dimensions of the Soul and Relational Dynamics for Human Flourishing

Session #3 – Caring for the Soul

Recommended Reading: 

  • The Relational SoulRich Plass & Jim Cofield 
  • Delighting in the TrinityMichael Reeves 
  • The Developing Mind, (Chapter 3 – Attachment), Daniel Siegel 
  • To Be ToldDan Allender 

Seminar #2 –The Soul’s Relational Challenges

Session #1 – Relational Challenges: Suffering, Weakness, Damange, and Sin

Session #2 – A Holistic Model of Assessment

Session #3 –General Categories for Assessing the Health of a Soul

Session #4 – The Practice of Contemplative Reading

Recommended Reading: 

  • Toughest People to Love, Chuck DeGroat 
  • Rejoicing in LamentJ. Todd Billings 
  • Released from Shame, Sandra D. Wilson

Seminar #3  – A Christian Perspective on Human and Faith Development

Session #1 – Relational Perspective on Human Development

Session #2 – Exploring Life Stages from a Christian Perspective

Session #3 – A Christian View of Stages of Faith

Session #4 – Impact of Trauma on Human Development

Session #5 – Reflections on Maturity

Recommended Reading: 

  • Human Development: A Christian Perspective, Joseph Bohac
  • Healing Developmental Trauma, Laurence Heller & Aline LaPierre
  • Christian Perspectives on Human Development, Leroy Aden (ed)
  • The Logic of the Spirit, James Loder


Seminar #4  – Role of the Body in Christian Spiritual Formation

Session #1 – A Body Theology

Session #2 – Body States (Emotions, Depression, etc.)

Session #3 – Sexual Health in the Church: Including Addiction and Betrayal Trauma

Session #4 – Being Present

Recommended Reading:

  • Tera Owens, Embracing the Body
  • David Benner, Soulful Spirituality (chp 7 “Embodied Spirituality”)
  • Ronald Rolheiser, The Holy Longing (chp 9 “A Spirituality of Sexuality”)
  • Chrisopher West, At the Heart of the Gospel: Reclaiming the Body for the New Evangelism
  • Curt Thompson, Anatomy of the Soul (chp 9 “The Prefrontal Cortex and the Mind of Christ”)
  • Marc Cortez Theological Anthropology: A Guide for the Perplexed
  • Marc Cortez, Embodied Souls, Ensouled Bodies

Seminar #5  – Transformation: What We Must Do for Real Change

Session #1 – General Reflections on Christian Transformation (Sanctification)

Session #2 – Means of Change

Session #3 – Place of Change

Session #4 –Factors that Inhibit and Obstruct Change

Recommended Reading:

  • Change Your Brain; Change Your Life, Daniel Amen 
  • Life in God: John Calvin, Practical Formation, and the Future of Protestant Theology, Matthew Myer Boult
  • Out of the Matrix, Gregory Boyd
  • Psychology in the Spirit, John Coe and Todd Hall 
  • The Imperfect Pastor: Discovering the Joy in Our Limitations Through a Daily Apprenticeship with Jesus, Zack Eswine 
  • Extraordinary Relationships: A New Way of Thinking about Human Interactions, Roberta Gilbert 
  • The Spirituality of Imperfection: Storytelling and the Search for Meaning, Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham 
  • Heavenly Participation: The Weaving of a Sacramental Tapestry, Hans Boersma 
  • Care for the Soul, Essays edited by Mark McMinn and Timothy Phillips 

Seminar #6  –Grace Based Approached to Growing in Our Marriages and Developing our Children

Session #1: Marriage

Session #2: Helping others with their Marriage

Session #3: Parenting

Session #4: Internal Family Systems

Recommended Reading
  • The Meaning of Marriage, Tim Keller
  • The Mystery of Marriage, Mike Mason
  • The Intimate Mystery, Dan Allender
  • The Relationship Cure, John Gottman
  • The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, John Gottman
  • The 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge, Jeff and Laura Helton
  • The Enneagram in Love and Work, Helen Palmer