17 07, 2018

By Your Light We See Light…a post by Rich


Aquinas the great theologian of the of the 13the century relied upon Psalm 36:9 to guide him in his great theological endeavors. “For with You is the fountain of life: in Your light do we see light.” C.S. Lewis was a follower of Christ because he held that Jesus enabled him to see what was most real and true. God’s light enables us to see. My recent times of mediation have me reflecting on the significance of the fruits of the Spirit. Paul encourages believers to walk by the Spirit (Gal. 5:16). Walking by the Spirit arms us to

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1 05, 2018

Seeing the Unseen…a post by Joy


About a month ago, my eyeglass frames with progressive lenses broke. Knowing it was time to get a check-up I scheduled an appointment instead of getting my glasses repaired right away. Unfortunately, I had to wait another week to see the eye doctor. Thank goodness for another set of glasses that I use for computer work and reading music at the piano. When the time came, the check-up revealed that my eyes would require a change on my lenses so I would need to wait about 7-10 days for the new glasses to arrive. In the mean while, we

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1 03, 2012

“Reality Distortion Field”


Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson was hard to put down. The story is compelling, inspiring, and sometimes disturbing. He often treated people poorly in his drive for perfection. Yet his intuition, intensity, and focus created a brave new technological world. In describing how he was able to create an amazing future, colleagues spoke of his “Reality Distortion Field.” Steve refused to be controlled by what was real in the present. He saw another reality and, through either charm or coercion, pushed his company toward it.

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