Why We Need the Nurturing Presence of Christ (A Retreat for Women led by Joy Cofield)

    Would you like to have a safe place to name and or talk about the wound(s) you have experienced in the relationship with your mother or someone who has had a mothering relationship with you?  A Mother Wound of abandonment, emotional distance, neglect, perfectionism are some of the wounds that can occur between a mother and her daughter. This can also happen with a mother-in-law, aunt, grandmother, or even a teacher who did not fulfill the expected nurturing that comes along with that role.

At age 29, I received the call from my father that my mother had passed away in her sleep unexpectedly. This wounded my soul and has opened my eyes and heart to other women who have suffered great losses with their mothers in ways that are different than my own.

In light of this truth, I would like to invite you to the women’s retreat:     “The Mother Wound: Why We Need the Nurturing Presence of Christ.”

I am offering this retreat as a safe place for an experience of tending your wound as we are aware of  the healing presence of Christ and the presence of other women who are there to hear your story if you so choose.

As part of the preparation for this retreat, I ask each person to write a letter to their mother or “mother figure”  that will not be seen by any of us at the retreat. It will actually be placed on the altar during the length of the retreat and retrieved by each owner after the retreat.

Some of the topics offered:

1)Naming the specific Mother Wound(s)

2)How has it affected us

3)How does it impact our own Mothering and Nurturing role in the lives of others?

4)The way forward in healing through the Nurturing presence of Christ

5) Though we are facing the past by tending these wounds, there will also be a time in the retreat for celebrating the future through what Christ has done and will do by being present to us with His Nurturing Presence.

If you have previously attended this retreat, you may consider attending it again with the fact that you are in a different place in your journey of life now and may be ready for another layer of tending to your soul through this experience. I cannot promise healing, yet I invite you to this retreat to  posture yourself to a place of safety and intentional awareness of the healing nurturing presence of Christ.

Peace and blessings,


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Like it or not wounds are a part of life and often the people that we are closest to wound us the deepest. This was definitely true for me and my relationship with my mother. I appreciated the tenderness and care that Joy demonstrated throughout the Mother Wound Retreat in addressing hard areas, asking thought provoking and helpful questions and providing the space to address our hurts. I highly recommend  the Mother Wound Retreat whether you have a lot of hurts or not, whether this is your first step in addressing your hurts in this area or not. With Joy’s tenderness, openness and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, I am confident that God will meet you and bring you further along on this healing journey as a result of this experience.  E. W.

 The 2014 Mother Wound Retreat was a great experience for me. It was good to make space to attend to my heart in this specific way. It was very moving to be with other women who were grieving and pained and bringing their wounds to a Savior to understand, forgive and continue to be made new. I am planning on attending the retreat again in 2015 and excited to see what new invitations the Lord has for me as I continue to learn more and more about mothering myself, mothering my children and the deep impact my mother has had on me.  S. R.

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