Leader Life Coaching 

You’ve probably heard us say that the greatest gift you bring to others is your transformed and transforming presence. Coaching is one of the key ways you can cultivate that kind of presence. We focus on your spiritual life and relational capacity as a leader.

Everything rises or falls on leadership. No ministry or organization or family ‘drifts’ into true spiritual success. It takes leadership. And leadership rises or falls on the quality and character of the leader’s spiritual life. The demands of life and ministry can push you beyond what your soul can absorb in a healthy way. A coaching experience will both anchor and strengthen your soul so you can thrive over the long haul of ministry.

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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that will help you discern if Leader Life Coaching would be helpful for you at this time.

  • It is a focused exploration and intentional development of your spiritual life, character and relational capacity over the course of 12 months.
  • It is a relationship that cultivates what is most important to your success as a leader–the well-being of your soul.

We coach leaders who …

  • Find themselves weary of their vocational calling
  • Admit they cannot keep living like they’re living for another 20 years
  • Are considering getting out of the ministry because they are burned out
  • Have lost a sense of connection with God
  • Know they are in a vulnerable place with their mate and/or children
  • Are frustrated with their staff, board and/or congregation
  • Face difficult vocational or personal transitions
  • Find themselves in a good place and want to guard and strengthen their souls for the future
  • Want someone who understands the risks and rewards of ministry available outside the organization to listen and offer perspective.
  • It will help you identify your relational strengths and challenges and what you can do to maximize your influence as a leader.
  • It will enable you to live more fully into your gifting, more deeply into your key relationships and more completely into your calling as a leader.
  • It will give you a loving, listening ear with someone who has been in ministry for 40 years and can offer a healthy, outside perspective for 12 months.
  • Family of Origin
  • Habitual ways of Feeling, Thinking and Behaving
  • Conscious and Unconscious Memory
  • Relational Reactivity and Receptivity
  • Communication and Motivational Patterns
  • Rhythm of spiritual disciplines (e.g. solitude and silence, contemplative reading and prayer, private and corporate worship)
  • Impact of your sins, wounds, and vulnerabilities on the way you lead and connect with others
  • Spiritual, emotional, relational development
  • Personal/Work life balance
  • Family life
  • Staff relationships and development
  • Relational focus on preaching and teaching
  • We will meet via Skype, FaceTime, phone or face to face.
  • In the initial session(s) we will discuss your current experience, what you feel needs to change, what has kept you from your desires and what it will take to make progress.
  • We will regularly review your goals in light of the discoveries we make concerning your personality and history, desires and development, strengths and challenges. In other words, we will coach you toward specific results based on what you’ve lived and what God is calling you to do.
  • You will set your appointment times based on your schedule. You will also have the opportunity to give us a ‘heads up’ before each coaching session (by means of a brief coaching session questionnaire). And you will have our complete attention and focus during each session.

We believe it will …

  • Give you greater awareness of your calling and gifting, motivations and challenges, wounds and weaknesses, strategies and successes.
  • Help you respond well to what God is calling you to change about yourself.
  • Provide more clarity of the vision God has for your ministry.
  • Increase your capacity for deeper relationships with God and others.

The Leader agrees to:

  • Give permission to be coached.
  • Declare that his/her learning is a top priority during this coaching relationship.
  • Approach his/her learning and growth with “the curiosity of a beginner.”
  • Share all relevant information with the Coach.
  • Take responsibility for his/her own learning and growth, and make specific requests when his/her needs are not being met in the coaching relationship.
  • Take responsibility for his/her actions and inactions.
  • Begin the relationship by trusting that the Coach has his/her well-being and growth as their primary concern.

The Coach will:

  • Create a safe listening environment in which the Leader is comfortable discussing the challenges and opportunities they are facing in his/her professional or personal life.
  • Ask questions that will help the Leader see beyond the boundaries of his/her current perspective and expand their capacity for observing themselves and others.
  • Support the Leader’s growth through mastery and maturity in skills, expertise and moral judgments.
  • Act collaboratively to engage in purposeful and bold conversations, holding the focus on the coaching relationship and the Leader’s stated goals.
  • Provide support materials such as assessment and evaluation tools, books, articles, etc., as appropriate.
  • Be alert to when and if the Leader is no longer benefiting from the coaching relationship and recommend a change.

Being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion – it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more Certain relationships in life leave you forever changed. Rich Plass is one of those relationships for me. While walking through the darkest time of my life God used Rich to help me navigate the valley. Rich is my pastor, counselor and mentor. Rich has helped me lean into my calling and claim my true voice. I am a better pastor, husband and lover of Jesus because of Rich’s love and guidance. Rich’s wisdom, love, depth, knowledge, immense experience and story make him the perfect spiritual guide through this journey of life. I am so thankful to have him as my guide. like Christ.

Chad Lewis, Worship Pastor at Sojourn Community Church East, Louisville, KY

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.In the world of life coaching, it can be hard to know who to trust. Quite simply, Rich is one of the wisest men I have ever met. I trust him. I have trusted him with my secrets, my pain and my hopes. He has earned my trust and proven himself to be a presence of safety and profound gospel clarity. I trust him enough that when one of my close friends is in need, I tell them to go to Rich. If you were my friend and in need, I would tell you the same thing. He has guided me into a deeper intimacy with Christ and other people and he will do the same for you.

Jesse Eubanks, Founder and Executive Director of Love Thy Neighborhood, Louisville, KY

God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.No one has helped me in my journey as a man, husband, father or leader more than Jim. He is the easiest man to talk to and is the best listener I’ve ever met. You always feel a connection when you have spent time with Jim. His wisdom and insight are things I covet and thank God for regularly. I have referred countless leaders to Jim and every single one of them that have spent time with him come back and thank me. Spend as much time with Jim as you can, you won’t regret it.

Michael Crawford, Lead Pastor of Freedom Church, Baltimore, MD

Being the first Christian in my family and dealing with the complexities of pastoral ministry left me feeling insufficient in many areas of understanding myself, relating and communicating with others. Rich from CrossPoint helped me develop a greater sense of who I am in Christ, His approval and love for me. This has allowed me to give thanks to God for the victories, mourn my losses, and to be patient with myself in this journey. My relationship with Jesus, marriage, personal life, and ministry are stronger due to the time I spent processing, receiving wisdom, and encouragement from Rich.

Kyle Wetzler, Pastor of Operations, Living Stones, Reno, NV

Rich Plass’s professionalism and pastoral heart are used mightily in the lives of those he coaches and counsels. God used his counseling through my 2013 sabbatical to not only get me back to health in ministry, but set my ministry in an amazing new direction. Since my time with Rich I’ve recommended CrossPoint to anyone and everyone I possibly can. I simply cannot exhort church leaders enough to do the necessary soul work for long term health. Rich has the training and gifting that bears ongoing fruit long after the counseling sessions have come to a close.

Dan Braga, Lead Pastor, Taproot Church, Burlen, WA

After ten years into church planting it was time for a three month sabbatical. As we began to research the process and make a plan, other planters recommended Rich Plass and Crosspoint Ministry as absolutely necessary. Though initially a little hesitant, I was not disappointed–our sabbatical was an amazing experience, thanks in large part to Rich. We started with the Enneagram and a phone call to have Rich walk us through the results. From the first phone call I saw the incredible value of having someone direct and lead us through the Sabbatical, someone who had the wisdom and experience to know what we needed better than we did. At every step of the sabbatical, Rich shepherded me and my wife into a place of real rest and refreshment. So much would have been lost or missed without Rich’s wisdom and input and we feel very much in debt to him! The sabbatical has set us on a trajectory of growth and development that will take us into the next ten years, something we never would have had without Rich coaching us through those three months. I’ve continued to talk with Rich and it has been incredible to have someone pastor, counsel, and give me spiritual direction.

Steve Hart, Senior Pastor, Soma Communities, Spokane, WA

Family, medicine, and ministry are the three key elements of our life. Over our 15 years together, we thankfully have had our successes but there have been many challenges and failures, too. Rich has been with us every step of the way as our coach and mentor. We will be forever grateful for how he has helped us on our journey as Christ followers.

Drs. Bill and Lori Housworth, Director of Angkor Hospital for Children in Southeast Asia

My wife and I have been extremely blessed by the ministry that makes up Crosspoint. Pastoral ministry is more difficult than many understand and it takes a toll on the human heart and soul more than those in it can even comprehend. Therefore, when we met Rich and Jim, we were dealing with and doing the ministry of church planting and being leaders in Jesus’ church with little to no awareness of how traumatically our journey was affecting us. The toll on our soul eventually showed up in our marriage and we knew we desperately needed a way to navigate our hearts but felt helpless to do so.

Crosspoint has provided us with not only the new ability to truly love and serve others with the gospel of Jesus Christ, but they have helped us understand our own need and given us permission to receive and serve ourselves the unconditional love of Jesus! I’m convinced that even though this journey has been a difficult one to walk, it has opened my eyes to the unlimited mercy, grace and loving kindness of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Therefore, I believe every pastor needs to find a safe place like those at Crosspoint have provided so that they too receive what they are providing for so many in the church!

Rob and Lisa Mayer, Lead Pastor | Gospel Life Church – Acts 29

The Enneagram coaching we received from Sallie has been an immensely beneficial tool for our marriage.  It has given us a perspective through which to see ourselves and our marriage.  It has given us a “language” within our marriage that helps us understand each other.  The Enneagram coaching has given us a streamlined pathway to self-awareness.  Sallie’s coaching is nuanced, pinpointed, invaluable, and well worth your time.

Pete and Rachel Carlson, College and Young Adult Ministry, Redeemer Church, Bellingham, Washington

One of my favorite sayings from Jim is, “Sometimes God turns water into wine instantly and sometimes He grows grapes that take time and care to turn into wine. Both are miracles.” I feel like God provided Jim in our life at just the right time to care for and cultivate our souls for God to do miracles in us. In our marriage, parenting and in our ministry, Jim has helped us to better understand ourselves and each other with our gifts and limits in who God made us to best love ourselves and others.

Lisle and Kathy Drury, Pastor of Sojourn Community Church, Jeffersonville, KY

The last several years of life have been very trying for my family and I. In addition to planting a church, we have been through a failed adoption, my parent’s divorce, and coming close to losing my wife and unborn child due to a serious illness. Left reeling from all of these events, and wondering how God might use them in the future, we were referred to Jim for coaching and not a moment too soon. My wife and I have always been best friends, but the stresses from the past few years have taken their toll on us individually and as a couple. Jim quickly helped us understand ourselves better by having us take an Enneagram Assessment, which in turn helped us understand and appreciate each other. We have learned to delight in the Lord in a fresh way, as well as to delight in our differences. Our marriage has been strengthened as well as our ministry to other couples and leaders in our church. I cannot recommend Jim Cofield highly enough to ministry leaders. He is a wonderful coach with a pastor’s experience and heart. Stephanie and I are truly grateful for his investment in our lives and ministry.

Casey Cease, Lead Pastor, Christ Community Church of Magnolia

I’m so thankful for Joy’s guidance in my life. I’ve been able to spot areas where God is working, while I may have missed them before. Because of her many years of full-time ministry experience, Joy understands the struggles of women who serve in such demanding and stretching capacities. I can honestly say that my life has been transformed during the past 4 years of meeting with Joy as my spiritual director. God has mightily used her prayers, advice, and most of all – her listening  – to guide me through bumpy points in the journey. She has been the instigator for me to take new steps of faith out of my comfort zone.

C. M.

Jim and Crosspoint Ministries provided great counsel and coaching to us and our church’s Elders about how to use our sabbatical to refresh our souls after twenty years of pastoral experience. The most beneficial thing was the personal encouragement and direction we received at least a couple of times a month from Jim. God used Jim to help us become more aware of how we were personally wired, how we interacted with each other in ways that were unhealthy and how to live in a more emotionally and spiritually healthy way. We highly recommend them to all pastors and church leaders!

Chuck Land, Senior Pastor of CrossBridge Church, Houston, TX

Rich’s transformed and transforming presence is priceless. He was able to bring sound theology, a pastor’s heart, and psychological sensitivity into our coaching sessions during a critical time in my pastoral journey. Through his compassionate guidance and wisdom, I was able to sense God’s invitation forward in marriage and ministry. Through his encouragement and affirmation, I felt the freedom to pursue it.

Tom Pussel, Founding Pastor of Prodigal Church, Lakewood, OH

From the moment I met Sallie, I felt loved and heard.  The care and shepherding that Sallie showed me was healing to my soul.  As a pastor’ wife, and mom of 3, the pressures and expectations of a public position, and a mother, had become overwhelming to me.  I had gradually lost my sense of self.  Sallie listened to me, showed empathy, and gave wisdom.  Starting with the Enneagram, she helped me to lean into my personality instead of shying away from my strengths.  She helped me to figure out a lifestyle that fits me and my family.  Each conversation brought further healing.  Her presence in my life came at just the right time and was the catalyst I needed to move forward.  I will be forever thankful!

Lisa Collins, Pastor’s wife, Veritas Church, Grass Valley, CA

As I reflect through my Christian journey the Lord has always been faithful to give me mentors along the way. In this season, Rich has been a compassionate and wise mentor. As a Hospice Chaplain, caring for the dying can be overwhelming. Having Rich to process with and share my soul has been life-giving. I’ve learned to be better attuned to my own story, see how Christ holds me and how He carries the stories of those that I care for.

James Santos, Hospice Chaplain