Help when you are at the end of your rope

Parenting is hard. Add weeks and weeks of self-isolation, fears over health, education, relationships, and the economy, and you may just be feeling at the end of your rope!

In these four hour-long Zoom sessions, you will gain knowledge of how the brain works and understand what to do practically when your kids -or you- have temper tantrums. If you want to learn to do it differently, come join us on this journey to receive support, encouragement, and specific answers to your personal parenting struggles.

Sessions are Led by Sallie Plass & Kate Fraiser, and will be conducted via Zoom Online meetings from 8:00-9:00PM EST

May 7 – Why the Brain Matters in Parenting (Kate)
May 14 – Giving from what you have (Sallie)
May 21 – We’re in this together (Kate)
May 28 – Saying what you mean and meaning what you say (Sallie)

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Check out these videos summarizing our discussion of “Why the Brain Matters in Parenting” from May 7.

Sallie Plass

Sallie Plass speaks from many life experiences. She is a pastor’s wife of Rich, mom of 6, grandma of 8, etiquette coach, educator of 20 years and life coach. She has a master’s degree in Education, Life Coach Certification and has been trained in Conscious Discipline by Becky Bailey. She loves sharing her story and wants to help you learn to navigate the joys and challenges of Grace-based parenting.

Kate Fraiser

Kate Fraiser is a pastor’s wife, mom and step-mom of teenagers, and Director of Early Childhood Ministries at Grace Point Church. She has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education; extensive experience working with teachers, parents, and children as a classroom teacher and consultant for Early Childhood Mental Health; and has been trained in Conscious Discipline strategies. Kate spends her days relearning High School subject matter while teaching her teens at home, being walked by her dog, and helping moms build connections that create cooperation through her non-profit organization, Connect Point Moms.