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Relational Enneagram Workbook

At Crosspoint, we believe that the Enneagram is a useful tool for the work of self-clarity. This tool is designed to help us grow in understanding of our God-given relational gifts as well as the unique consequences (sin, wounds, and weaknesses) we carry from the Fall. Because of our sin nature, we often live with a diminished and distorted sense of self-awareness. Many of us are living defensive, reactionary lives that sabotage our relationships, and we don’t even know it.

On the journey of transformation, the Spirit reconnects us with the parts of our stories that we have disowned and invites us to experience the deep healing found in the presence of Christ. The Enneagram is a tool that helps us identify strategies and barriers of self-protection and invites us to trust that God’s love can hold our whole story. The resulting self-clarity enables us to participate with God in our spiritual formation. It is through this shaping work that we learn to put off the old self with its guarded defensiveness and step into our true, Spirit-filled self.

This workbook will guide you step-by-step through understanding your primary style, which triad you are in, which wing seems to influence you most, and your stress and security arrows.  Then we take a deep dive into each personality style in an effort to highlight the healthy giftedness as well as unhealthy vulnerabilities that are typically in play, and go on to suggest ways in which each style can relate better with others as well as how others can relate better with each style!

We are so excited to offer this teaching resource to you!  Whether you are leading your own Enneagram workshops, working one on one with other individuals, or simply beginning your own journey towards self-discovery, we pray this resource will be a blessing to you.