Deeper Journey

Deeper Journey is a two-year, eight-retreat experience held at Country Lake Retreat Center just north of Louisville, KY. It provides a comprehensive spiritual formation experience in light of the unique challenges of life and vocational ministry in the 21st century. The quarterly retreats offer an integrated approach of biblical theology and Christian psychology within a worshiping community. The experience includes worship, teaching, small groups, and personal time. Each retreat highlights at least one spiritual discipline and provides space for the engagement of the discipline.

Deeper Journey is designed for those who are serious about nurturing and protecting their souls. If this is what you desire and can give a day and a half every three months. We promise it will be well worth the investment!

The price is $300 per retreat with a one-time registration fee of $150.

Registration is now open for Deeper Journey 9! Those dates are April 23-24, 2021, August 13-14, 2021, and November 19-20, 2021.

*Deeper Journey 7 & 8 are being combined for the final two retreats. Those dates are; Retreat #7: February 13-14, 2021 & Retreat #8: May 14-15, 2021

Register for Deeper Journey 9 now
Register For Deeper Journey 9 Now

Retreat Topics

Explores foundational dimensions of the soul’s formation in Christ.
Spiritual Disciplines: Silence & Solitude

Examines the role of Scripture in formation and the challenge of truly listening to the voice of God.
Spiritual Discipline: Contemplative Reading of Scripture

Attends to the gift of communion with God with an emphasis on the role of prayer in formation.
Spiritual Discipline: Meditative & Contemplative Prayer

Explores the invitation for a deeper self-understanding in Christ through the use of the Enneagram. Attention is given to the dynamics of personality in formation.
Spiritual Discipline: Examen

Explores the importance and necessity of desire in the journey of transformation.
Spiritual Discipline: Attentiveness

Seeks to understand how to discern the heart of God by exploring how we are sensing, seeing, and selecting.

Spiritual Discipline: Discernment

Explores various stages of life in which we pass in normal human development.
Spiritual Disciplines: Attentiveness

Provides a summary overview of the previous seven retreats with an emphasis on elements needed to sustain a personal journey of Spiritual formation.
Spiritual Disciplines: Gratitude & Spiritual Direction

My experience of Deeper Journey has been crucial to my understanding of what it means to live life with God and others. Both the teaching and the time spent in my small group led me to a deeper level of self-awareness that has not only impacted my communion with God but also my community in my home and my church.

Clifton Roth

Deeper Journey is a powerful spiritual retreat series experience with a well-considered balance of teaching, community, and opportunities for personal practice of the spiritual disciplines being presented. I especially appreciated learning more about myself through the Enneagram personality assessment and how this tool identified areas of personal growth and strength to consider with God in my spiritual journey.

Natalie K. Pickering, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

My time in Deeper Journey has been amazing! Rich and Jim painted a picture for me of what true union with Christ could be. That has significantly increased my longing for God.

My time in Deeper Journey has been amazing! Rich and Jim painted a picture for me of what true union with Christ could be, significantly increased my longing for God. I now understand what a vital role my internal world plays in the health of my relationships and my spiritual journey. Deeper Journey equipped me with the tools I need to access that internal world and to nurture my relationship with Christ. Spending two years on the same journey with others at these retreats created a loving, supportive community that has been a key to my growth. My small group encouraged, prayed for and listened to me as I wrestled through the most difficult spots in my journey. Yes, it is a big investment of time and money, but it is so worth it that I am back for a second round to catch all I couldn’t absorb the first time!

Dudley Swiney

Deeper Journey has opened up new vistas in my soul that I knew were there but things I could not clearly articulate to myself and others. I see afresh that all of life is relational to a loving Trinitarian God. There is a deep soberness in my soul as I engage my marriage, parenting, relationships, and vocation. I am more eager each day to live in my God-given, authentic self!

James Santos, Hospice Chaplain

I came to my first Deeper Journey during a very dark and desperate time in my life. My daughter, who already was known to have Down Syndrome, had just been diagnosed with autism as well. It was a time of questioning and loneliness, even despair. The comfort and tenderness I received through the Deeper Journey community helped strengthen me for the tasks at hand in my life. The Lord worked in a steady, slow way in my life, and I began to see real change in my perspective on life and relationship with him. Today, I am a different person. I no longer view my daughter’s disabilities as a burden from God but a blessing. God showed his power for changing my mind and heart in ways I believed were impossible. I am currently a member of the fourth Deeper Journey community and haven’t missed any opportunity to be a part of this very special community of believers! If you have ever wondered, “Where is this power so often spoken of in scripture to change my life?” the Deeper Journey community is a place to begin your search.

Beth Bradley

If you have ever wondered, “Where is this power so often spoken of in scripture to change my life?” the Deeper Journey community is a place to begin your search.

I first met Rich and Jim when I attended the first Deeper Journey experience. It was the lowest time of my life. My husband of 30 years had just asked for a divorce. The breakup involved a family business. The split hurt my career, my marriage, and my family all at once. I had spent 30 years working at running the business, raising a family, going to church and exercising. However, I had neglected building relationships. I had no support and was an emotional train wreck. Rich and Jim have taught me how to value my relationship with God, my family, and my friends. They have taught me self-awareness and how to be present with God and people. I am a changed person. I’m so grateful for the mentoring and knowledge that I have received at Deeper Journey.

Cheri Skorupa