Our Mission

We care for the souls of Christian leaders and train others to do the same. We advocate for pastors and Christian leaders and courage them to believe their own claims and help them find their own voice. So many lose their voice and forget who they are because of the pressures of ministry. We want to give back the choice to do ministry from a place of freedom and worship and delight instead of duty or obligation.

Our Approach Is...


We believe that the invitation to faith is a journey of participation in the life of the Trinitarian God.


We believe Scripture presents a full-orbed understanding of the human condition and God’s provision for life.


We believe the wisdom of God’s people in the past gives us insight into the nature of the soul’s transformation.


We believe spiritual maturity is impossible without the healthy development of the soul.


We believe the soul is formed and transformed through relational participation in and with Christ, through the transformed and transforming presence of others, and Christian spiritual disciplines.

Our Core Values


The best gift you can give anyone is your transformed and transforming presence.


We offer a receptive presence that seeks understanding.


We remain patient, knowing that transformation is not a destination.


What is is the teacher.


We live and lead together.