Richard Plass, Ph.D.


I grew up in Upper State New York. I’m married to Sallie and have six children who live within a couple of hours of me. Holidays at our house get pretty rambunctious when all my grandkids pile in. Maybe that explains why I enjoy going to auctions in search of antique early American art!

My favorite sport as a kid was baseball and I was good enough to play it at Northwest College in Orange City, Iowa. I continued my education at Gordon Conwell Seminary and, after serving as a youth pastor and pastor of a college-focused church in Iowa, planted Peace Church in Frankfort, IL. In 1995 I left 25 years of pastoral ministry to pursue a doctorate degree in counseling.

My desire was to help leaders not simply survive but thrive in the challenges of ministry. I founded CrossPoint Ministry and since then have focused on spiritual formation in the lives of leaders. After working with hundreds of leaders I am more convinced than ever that the most important thing any of us bring to life and ministry is our transformed and transforming presence.