Your Next Step

God created us BY and FOR relationships.

We are beings who long to be loved by others. And we long to love others in return. Being loved comes first. It is only by being loved that we learn to love (“we love him because he first loved us” from 1 John 4:19).

So parents do their best to love their kids so their kids will mature into loving people. And lovers seek to woo the heart of their beloved. God does the same. God loves us unconditionally in Christ so that we can learn to love God, others and even ourselves in healthy ways.

As good as that sounds, mistrust can cloud and even sabotage our capacity to be loved and to love. Mistrust seems to be a safe choice in light of the painful realities of life. Parents cannot love perfectly. Lovers get distracted. And God’s love for us seems unreal in the face of losses and limits.

What will it take to become like a child again so we can enter and enjoy as much as humanly possible the love of the kingdom of heaven on earth?

Step 1

See and Own Our Relationship Challenges

Read The Relational Soul

The first thing we need is to see and own the things inside us that make relationships challenging. Get your copy of The Relational Soul. It will help you understand your relational strengths and challenges.

Step 2

Learn More About Yourself

Take the Enneagram Profile

The second step is to take the Enneagram profile. We know you will be amazed by what it reveals.

Step 3

Explore Your Story

Find a Coach!

The third step is setting up a coaching session to explore how your story and your personality ‘wiring’ have set you up for relational difficulties and rewards.

Step 4

Learn to Nurture Your Relationships

Go Deeper!

Lastly, you may want to join a retreat experience like Deeper Journey in order to nurture a different way of relating to others.

If you are a pastor or leader consider having us take your staff through Leader’s Journey.

CrossPoint is here to help you connect well with God, others and your own soul. Take the next step!