Enneagram Profile

We are in Christ so that we may become like Christ (Ephesians 3:17). This is the journey of Christian spiritual formation. It requires a self-clarity anchored in the reality of being created in the image of God and re-created in the likeness of Christ. It involves ‘putting off’ the old way of being and ‘putting on’ the new way of being by the power of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:20-24). Without a greater awareness of the unconscious motivations that impact our decisions and relationships, we remain stuck.

To that end, CrossPoint offers a tool designed to expose what needs to be left behind so that we can live more fully into who we are in Christ. It is called the Enneagram (pronounced ‘any-a-gram’). The diagnostic profile identifies nine personality styles. It clarifies the primary way we engage in relationships and offers ways we can cultivate healthy relational interaction with God and others. It also facilitates a deeper self-awareness by highlighting both virtues and vices. There are many diagnostic tools (e.g. MMPI, Meyers/Briggs, DISC). However, the Enneagram is the most effective tool in showing what we can celebrate as well as what we need to change.

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Each personality style carries a particular challenge to Christian maturity. This is what the desert fathers and mothers of the 3rd and 4thcentury discovered. These spiritual guides were concerned about unacknowledged patterns that kept Christians from a deeper walk with Christ. As they listened and prayed various patterns began to emerge. The individual Fruits of the Spirit (nine godly virtues) faced the corruptive power of nine specific vices. And it seemed to them that each virtue was susceptible to a particular vice. True sanctification of the heart would be impossible without addressing this subtle but sinful reality.

Eventually the insights of these early Christians were collated into an oral tradition that became the seed of the Enneagram. Unfortunately, the power of the saints who were intent on exposing vice has too often today been domesticated into a self-help exercise (e.g. how to get along better in a work environment). That is unfortunate. We believe the real value of this tool is that it reveals what the heart often does not want or know how to face. The Spirit uses it to open our heart to the transforming power of Scripture.

If you are looking for a deeper relationship with Christ you will not walk away from this tool disappointed! It will help you gain the clarity needed for personal maturity, relational intimacy and spiritual integrity. It will call you to a repentance of your false self as well as a celebration of true self, the unique way in which you bear the image of God and the likeness of Christ.

The cost of the profile is $75. The code found on page 187 of our book, The Relational Soul, gives a discount of almost 50%. If you cannot afford the full price of the profile contact us and we will do our best to help you.

The Enneagram Profile that CrossPoint offers is simply the best tool I have ever taken for finding out about myself. Do whatever you have to do to take it and get a consultation with them!

I cannot put into words how the profile has opened my eye to how I relate to others. Now I understand why I do what I do. That has helped me change the way I connect. My family and friends are grateful!